Telemedicine services offered in Robbinsville and Neptune, NJ

If you need a telemedicine appointment, experts at A+ Athlete Sports Medicine in Robbinsville and Neptune, New Jersey, are here to help. Board-certified sports medicine physicians Adam Redlich, MD and their outstanding team provide this service for athletes of all ages. Call the office or use the online scheduler to make an appointment.

Telemedicine Q & A

What are telemedicine visits?

Telemedicine visits at A+ Athlete Sports Medicine are medical evaluations that are done via video call on a smartphone or computer. The team is highly trained in sports medicine and can detect possible musculoskeletal problems before they become serious, review imaging results or provide education and counseling for prevention of injuries and possible treatments.

Who needs a telemedicine visit?

Anyone with a musculoskeletal problem which requires evaluation or treatment may benefit by using telemedicine services.

What happens during telemedicine visits?

During telemedicine visits at A+ Athlete Sports Medicine, your provider connects with you via a smartphone or computer video/audio connection. They will review your medical history and medical problems. They may ask you to perform certain examination maneuvers to help them evaluate and diagnose problems remotely.  This may involve taking a bit of time and thought to 

After the evaluation you might need specific diagnostic tests. For example, you may need x-rays of a painful body part.  You might also need to come in for an in-person evaluation to better evaluate your problem.

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